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Daria Gagnon


Daria Gagnon

Daria grew up in the Midwest and quickly discovered piano at age five. She took eight years of lessons and then blossomed into a folk guitar player. Pop was her original genre and, of course, the folk music scene. As she acquired experience she moved into contemporary country music and settled into that for many years.

Her original vocal training came from choirs where she learned three-part haromony and the concept of 3rds and 5ths. Armed with that knowledge she took her guitar and hooked up with a friend who played bass and did a duo fore a couple of years; that led her in turn to join his band and she performed at dances and pubs for about seven years.

It was during this phase that she started writing and for the next year she wrote and her recorded her debut CD. She self-marketed the CD, winning a local talent contest and receiving a letter from Rita McNeil that urged her to move to Nova Scotia and get serious about her career,

She carried on with another duo and band which led to the notion of creating her own group.







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