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Ken & Linda Johnson


Ken and Linda Johnson

The Singing Sweethearts

When Ken and Linda got together 21 years ago they discovered that they had a synergy in their singing. They began performing at Bluegrass festivals and were very well received. While being introduced in Castlegar, BC the M.C. gave them the name The Singing Sweethearts. the name stuck and has been their title ever since.

They have been members of the Opry since its inception and play well off each other on stage creating a positive and up beat energy which transmits to the audience.

After many requests from Opry fans they have just completed a CD of fourteen songs, nine of which were penned by Ken.

Ken Johnson

Ken first stepped on the stage when he was 5 yrs old and has not climbed down since.

He put myself through University playing nights and weekends wherever he could and toured with the Ricks College Program Bureau dong one nighters throughout the American Mid West.

Ken has performed with the likes of Blake Emmonds (CTV) , Ron Shy of the Drifters, Glen Barber and Ron Groman, (0f Vancouver TV fame) and hosted a Terry Fox Telethon.

Ken did his masters degree in Using country music to teach English as a second language and has played with a band called The Overland Express for about 25 years out of Kamloops.

Ken has had several songs played on the radio, the latest being MY BC which is currently getting air time.

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