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Anita Leblanc


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More than a singer, Anita is dynamic performer who's been thrilling audiences since she was a teenager - she delivers an emotional experience few can match. Blessed with a rare contralto voice spanning four Octaves, her versatility spans all genres. But what she loves best is to interpret classic Torch, Blues and Broadway tunes. In fact, fans swear that they get goosebumps every time they listen to her dark voice.

But if she can make you weep, she can also make you hoot with laughter - as a natural comedienne, Anita's Okanagan fans love her wacky concert nights in Peachland, Kelowna and elsewhere. She loves to do impersonations of singers as varied as Tina Turner to Elvis, and has been told when she was singing an Elvis song, she sounded so much like Elvis 'live' they had a bet on whether or not she was lip-synching.

Born into a musical family in New Brunswick, she started singing harmony when she was five. By the age of fifteen, she was performing in various venues around the Lower Mainland. She has done studio work and been in many bands over the years doing everything from folk, to rock & R & B. She plays piano and guitar but prefers to just sing when performing because it gives her more of an opportunity to get lost in the music and interact with the audience.

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