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Jesse Mast


Jesse Mast

My name is Jesse Mast, and I am a 17 year old country singer/songwriter from Salmon Arm, BC.

You could say that music is in my blood... I grew up surrounded by it. My grandma and her siblings used to play in a band together called the "Family Five", headed up by my great- grandfather. And from the youngest age they used to tell me stories about playing, and the different instruments and songs they would play.

Though I sing mainly country music, I did not grow listening to it. My first love and passion was classical music - all the way from Strauss and Wagner, to Mozart and Beethoven. It was not until much later that I was introduced to contemporary country music, and in between I spent my time listening to syles ranging from Contemporary Christian, Rock and Bluegrass, Southern Gospel and Soft Acoustic.

Country hit the scene at age 10 after my first exposure to more modern country music when my uncle handed me a copy of "Ropin' The Wind" by Garth Brooks. (Garth has since become a significant inspiration to me!) Soon after that, I heard the song "Devil Went Down To Georgia" by Charlie Daniels Band on an old local country station my Grandma always tunes into, and that cinched it. I decided right there to pick up and learn the fiddle as my first instrument.

Since then, I have picked up other instruments, learned to sing (a little), and immersed myself in learning about the "Masters" of country - from guitar and banjo pickers to amazing entertainers and vocalists; with the pioneers to the more modern icons.

As I've always had a love for words and crafting them, I began to transition some of my writing into song, and decided to get a little public with it all in the last couple of years. And with the love of my guitar and songwriting as the catalysts, I have trenched in and am hunkerin' down my time, energy and resources into developing as a Canadian Country Music Entertainer.

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