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Halloween 2014, October 27,2014With Cheyenne, Marty Edwards, Uncle Fred, Jack O'Connor, Deb Stone, Michael Painchaud, Maiya Robbie Highlights of Sept.28, 2014 ShowWith Cadillac Bob, Ben Klick, Sharon Heise, Bill Bates, Wayne Blair, Pam Ferens, John Flottvik Marty Edwards - Statue of a FoolMarty Edwards Marty Edwards - Pam Ferens - Spanish EyesMarty Edwards & Pam Ferens Peach Festival Parade 2014The Opry Band and Nikita Afonso May 25,2014 Show HighlightsWith Jeremy Willis, Kim Berly, Nikita Afonso, Pam Ferens, Deb Stone, Bill Bates, Kelowna Old Time Fiddlers April 27,2014 Show HighlightsWith Wayne Blair, Ken Johnson, Hiedi Letiec, Lynda Krauza, Bonnie Lamb, Sharon Heise, Jesse Mast & Ben Klick March 30,2014 Show HighlightsWith The Opry Band, Jordan Dean, Wendy Rodocker & Pam Ferens, Erin Kimberly, Bonnie Lamb February 2014 Show HighlightsWith The Opry Band, Beamer Wigley, Jim Kornelson, Bonnie Lamb, Bill Besse, Ellie Holmes, Deb Stone, Meara Davison, Pam Ferens, Wayne Blair January 2014 Show HighlightsWith Lawrence Bourgeois, Marty Edwards & Pam Ferens, Karen Halvorsen, Sharon Heise, John Flottvik, Ken Johnson Marty Edwards and Pam FerensMarty Edwards & Pam Ferens Special Guest John FlottvikJohn Flottvok The Opry on GO! OkanaganThe Opry on GO Okanagan 2013 Christmas ShowWith Lawrence Bourgeois, Sharon Heise, Uncle Fred, Bill Besse, Karen Halvorsen, Jim Kornelson, Bonnie Lamb Highlights of October 27, 2013 ShowWith Lawrence Bourgeois, Dale Seaman, Ken & Linda Johnson, Deb Stone, Sharon Heise, Wayne Blair, Bonnie Lamb, Wendy Rodocker, Lynda Krauza, Bill Bredin, Ellie Holmes Highlights of Sept. 29 2013 ShowWith Lawrence Bourgeois, Dale Seaman, Bonnie Lamb, Sharon Heise, Bill Bates, Ellie Holmes, Ken & Linda Johnson, Jim Kornelson, Lynda Krauza, George Angus Music In The Park July 2013With Bonnie Lamb, Ken & Linda Johnson, The Opry Band, Wendy Rodocker, The Country Classics, Sharon Heise, Dale Seaman, Wayne Blair, Lynda Krauza, Bill Bates Show Highlights - May 26, 2013With Janet Steiert, Ken Johnson, Sharon Heise, Wayne Blair, Bonnie Lamb, Bill Bates, Karen Halvorsen, George Angus, Lawrence Bourgeois Westbank Country Opry 2012 HighlightsWith Dale Seaman, Bill Bredin, Dyan Burnell, Garry Jespersen, George Angus, Ken & Linda Johnson, Janet Steiert, Sharon Heise, Wayne Blair, Janet Steiert Westbank Country Opry Christmas 2012With The Opry Band, Lynda Krauza, Garry Jespersen, Patrick Wright, Sharon Heise, Ken and Linda Johnson, Adam Fitzpatrick Highlights of Jan 27, 2013 ShowWith Ken Johnson, Dale Seaman, Wayne Blair, Bill Bredin, Bonnie Lamb, Wendy Rodocker, Karen Halvorsen, Marty Edwards, Cheyenne, Lavern Panich Highlights of February 24, 2013 ShowWith Bonnie Lamb, Wayne Blair, Deb Stone, Garry Jespersen, Dale Seaman, Lynda Krauza, Ken Johnson, Lavern Panich March 24, 2013 Show HighlightsWith Bonnie Lamb, The Opry Band, Ken & Linda Johnson, George Angus, Wayne Blair, Lynda Krauza, Garry Jespersen, Glen Sobchyshyn, Karen Halvorsen, Bill Bredin, Sharon Heise April 28, 2013 Show HighlightsWith Sharon Heise, Bill Besse, Bonnie Lamb, Bill Bates, Karen Halvorsen, Janet Steiert, Wayne Blair, Dyan Burnell, The Opry Band, Lynda Krauza, Ellie Holmes Lightbox Video Gallery by VideoLightBox.com v2.1
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