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Yanti grew up in Houston, Texas where music and dance were always part of her life. Classically trained in ballet and cello, she gained an appreciation for the practice it takes to make the end product great. At a young age, Yanti joined The Allegro School of Dance's ballet company. In her teens she travelled to Chicago and New York City with her high school orchestra ending the tour with a performance in Carnegie Hall.

Yanti's love of music continued through university where she added her talents to her university orchestra and The Women's Choir. After receiving a bachelor of arts degree, Yanti travelled throughout Asia discovering her voice through the popular Asian past time of karaoke. She moved from Texas to Canada with her husband and found a new outlet for her music... jazz! The free flowing art of jazz has inspired freedom in Yanti's vocals and expanded her musical spectrum. With the encouragement from her community in Naramata, Yanti's creativity has flourished. She has a passion for musical theatre and has contributed her vocal, dancing and acting talents to the local Sound Stage productions such as Oliver, Evita, Hair and Les Miserables. She also lends her voice in the studio for local hip hop artists, volunteers her time for school concerts and teaches.

Inspired by Jam Camp, a family music camp, Yanti has joined the ranks of excellent teachers this year at Jam Camp Kelowna. This singer/songwriter has written several family oriented songs and is a member of The Super Cooligans, a rocking band for the young at heart.

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Check out Yanti with Russ Satsiuk live in the SO Country Radio studio below

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